J5C Marketing


    1. We are not sharing your information with anyone.
    2. When you register we do not take your full address, so we cannot give it to anyone.
    3. We collect your zip code, so advertisers in that zip code can show their company.
    4. My advertisers will never be intrusive like other web sites that have pop ups.
    5. When you pay for this site, you are directed to another super secure site that takes your payment information.
    6. Since we never collect or store your credit card information, it will never be stolen from this site.
    7. We will always try to have at least one new post every week, but hopefully a lot more than that.
    8. We are not perfect, but we care.

More Policies...

    1. Although I would like to say I have vetted all advertisers, I don't have the resources to do that (yet -- maybe someday).
    2. Company name reserving is not allowed. Any one showing valid claim to a company name will get their name.
    3. Any one that misrepresents themselves, IE...claims to be representing Home Depot or some other company, and they do not, will lose their membership.
    4. J5C Marketing does not necessarily endorse any particular company in the advertising section, but we will not edit the adds without company approval.
    5. If J5C Marketing finds something morally offensive, it will be removed from viewing, and the company given a chance to make it acceptable.
    6. Any companies listed in the content sections will be noted if we endorsed their products.

Last Things...

    1. A credit will be used if a member opens your advertisement.
    2. When all the credits have been used, the advertisement will no longer be visible to other members, until more credits have been purchased.
    3. The content sections will always be available as long as you're an active member and your age is greater than the required age.
    4. You can hide the content categories if you want to, but the advertising categories can never be hidden.
    5. If you see a typo, or mistake in the content sections, we will give you 5 credits of advertising if you submit a feedback and we agree.
    6. If you see a typo, or mistake in the advertising sections, we will try to work with the advertiser, but no credits can be given. If the advertiser wants to donate a few credits as a courtesy, we will try to accommodate their request.